Kingo Android Root

Kingo Android Root is a tool developed for Android users to bridge the gap between android device and user. Android Kingoroot is one of the frequently updating rooting tools among other rooting software. Kingoroot supports Samsung galaxy, Google nexus, Huawei, LG, Acer, Sony Xperia and much more android mobile devices for easy mastery of the device.  Kingo Root has fewer bugs and issues due to frequently updates. You can download KingoRoot PC or Kingoroot Apk with our direct download links.

kingoroot android

Kingo Android is simple and powerful android rooting tool. You can Download Kingoroot apk for your smartphone or kingoroot PC for windows. Android kingo Root syncs the data to another secondary app before the rooting begins. So you don’t need to panic for losing your data unlike in other rooting software.

Download Kingo Android Root [PC]

download kingoroot PC for Windows

Kingoroot Apk for Android device

download kingoroot PC for Windows

Top Reasons Why You Should Use Kingo Root

  • Android kingoroot unlocks some of the hidden features
  • No ads appears
  • Kingo apk uninstalls the bloat ware
  • Your privacy is protected with kingoroot
  • Faster performances
  • Extends the battery life

How to Root Your Mobile Phone with Kingo Android

  • Download Kingo Root PC version and install the file.
  • Run kingoroot windows PC software.
  • Enable User Debugging Mode on android device and connect it to the PC via USB cable.
  • Kingo will check for any updates.
  • “Root” window appears then and click “Root” button.
  • Click “Finish” button to complete rooting process and you are done with kingoRoot.

Kingo Android Root Video Tutorial

Download kingoroot Apk for any Android OS, includes Android 1.5 to Android 5.0.  Kingoroot supports any mobile brands including Samsung, Google, HTC, Sony, Huawei and etc. Getting a compatible kingoroot Apk download makes the smartest solution for your smart mobile.

Download licensed freeware, Kingo Root Android for Windows (64 bit or 32 bit) versions or apk version for mobile devices free. It is a just a few clicks you need to have get the perfect rooting for Android smart devices with Kingoroot. Get latest kingo Root 1.4.3 freeware without any restrictions.

Common Troubleshooting for Kingo Android Root

Q: Kingoroot doesn’t identify the connected device.

A: check whether you have enabled USB debugging mode and device driver is properly configured. Change the USB cable, try for another USB port.

Q: Lost root after rebooting mobile device.

A: Locked boot loaders is the reason for loosing rooting done using android kingoroot. Unlock the boot loader and rooting is permanent.

Q: Rooting fails during KingoRoot running

A: Either there are no available exploits for the device, Android 5.1 doesn’t supports yet Kingoroot or bootloader is locked. You have to update the kingoroot version or unlock the bootloaders.

Credits for kingo Android Root download go to Kingo Root developer team for their commitment.